Customized Orthotics

Neurogenx At Home powered byCrownQuest, Inc. has the capabilities to customize your orthotic item. We have a BOCO certified orthotist on staff that can customize any item.

There are two types of customization's for orthotics; custom fabrication and custom fitted.

Custom fabricated orthotics are items that are individually made for a specific patient. The fabrication is based on clinically derived and rectified castings, tracings, measurements, and/or other images such as x-rays of the body part.

The fabrication process may involve using calculations, templates, and components. Materials used include but not limited to plastic, metal, leather, or cloth in the form of uncut or unshaped sheets, bars or other basic forms and involves substantial work such as vacuum forming, cutting, bending, molding, sewing, drilling, and finishing prior to fitting on the patient.

Custom fitted orthotics are items that are prefabricated and may or may not be supplied as a kit that requires some assembly.  These orthotics will require fitting and adjustments by trimming, bending, or molding with or without heat in order for it to be used by a specific patient. Custom fitted requires modifications of the items in order to provide an individual fit.


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